No more school! Huzzah!

So, after staring blankly at my maths test for a few hours (it looked kinda like this:

), I ran to my bike, cycled home, and started the holiday goodness! IT FEELS SO GOOD! Don’t know if I’m the first one, and if I am, it’s not my intention to make people jealous, just felt like shouting this out :stuck_out_tongue:

your not I finshed last friday (homeschooled not state test this year!)!

Trust me, you will get bored!


I hate holidays, Boring!.

i got out of school a month ago…

Yup, same here. I got out the 23rd of May :wink:

I’ve got out 3 years ago… and never more returned :smiley:
It seams that you may have to redo that math test ha!?

well im out for this year…gots ta goes to 8th grade =(

This is only a rough approximation of the chaos :stuck_out_tongue: It drove me mad! I hope I have at least a few questions right…

Your username is well chosen then, little padawan :stuck_out_tongue: I’m starting grade 12 next year I believe (at least that’s what it translates to in the English school system). Could be wrong tho.

Niiice. But school starts early for you guys too, I guess?

I WILL NOT, I have so much to do :stuck_out_tongue: (so much fun stuff that is). Oh, and I’m gonna make my cousin a blender game for his 18th bday… if I feel like it, that is :smiley: AND I’ll have to go get looking for some decent study to do in somewhat more than a year :open_mouth:

I’m in a transition program right now that helps me get a start to living on my own and getting lots and lots of art sales, I go all Summer except for the beginning of June and the week of July 4th. I’m only there 2 hours at max for the Summer.

Yup. We start around mid-August:(

Oh, I thought you all were out of school, like DONE with school forever.

No, you don’t get bored on Holidays but trust me, after you have been out of high school for about a year, you kinda want to go back. Not like you did before, but just maybe a day or two :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: I start the 26th of August. NOT FAIR!

Not yet, one more year to go before uni… I really don’t have a clue what to study :stuck_out_tongue:

Programming is always fun :slight_smile: Find something you love and study that, don’t listen to anyone else. Everyone told me not to go into Game Design because EVERYONE does, well yeah theres a lot of people doing it, but that doesn’t mean they are all GOOD at it. It really makes you try 10x harder because you know the next guy could just come steal your job. Everyone wins, your abilities go through the roof because you have to be good to keep your job AND your employer gets good stuff :slight_smile:

Yeah, but the working class gamedesigner has to work his ass off in that theory :frowning: And I want something interesting, well paid and easy :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, I don’t ask for much :smiley:

Good luck finding easy and well paid in the same job :slight_smile:

got out May 8. Of course I’m taking summer classes so I have more transfer credit for the fall when I go to a bigger school. Saving about $10k… funny that I’m saving more money than I would have made by getting a summer job. Having a 3 day weekend every week kills me though :frowning: It’s fun and awesome when it happens once in a while but having one every week can get boring

Done my last exam last monday. So far I’m not bored: making my own website, doing stuff for clients, reading, and of course blender.