No more teams

Hi Everybody,

I’ve been on 4 different teams to make games both with Blender and Unity, and it’s nothing but drama with the projects, people always arguing with each other. It makes developing no longer fun, but stressful.

So I decided to get back to the fun part, and just make scene renders, models, and animation on my own for fun and to learn, so I won’t be joining anymore projects again. :spin:

I stay far away from drama, I prefer working in the shadows. Drama creates negative energy.

You don’t know how much I agree. Teams are only good if it has a good leader, I suppose you don’t have a good leader in each team. And making teams for games SHOULD be 100% professional.

um ok what was the point of this thread? to tell people your not making any more team projects?

Because I’ve gotten 6 or 7 requests in the past month, half of which is my fault for wanting to help, but still. Letting the community know I am no longer for hire.

Yes, quite drama from Serious-teams to the No-more-teams…

If you pay people, then there’s no drama. If they create drama, then you tell them to either knock it off or go home, plain and simple.

I’d rather walk away from the drama, rather than fight back.

To the others, I could say that to an extent, Fayt has a point.

For one thing it can be difficult for a team to stick together when months have passed and all that is done is some basic content and no actual gameplay to show off, even if it’s just to show the initial concept on what the game is.

I’ve seen threads in the team forum with more than 200 posts over the years (made over several months) and yet there’s no indication that progress is moving forward by showing some initial gameplay as opposed to just models and textures.

If you really want to join a team, I’d investigate the amount of skill the project leader has, and it always help to make sure that he has a rough sketch of the concept made in the BGE so you know he has the skill in helping his team members (and no, a single model of a gun doesn’t count)

I’ve seen threads in the team forum with more than 200 posts over the years (made over several months) and yet there’s no indication that progress is moving forward by showing some initial gameplay as opposed to just models and textures.

The number of posts in a game thread is inversely proportional to the actual work done on the game development. Real games are made by a bunch of mates who actually know each other in person and get down and dirty on actual game creation. These are the ones you rarely see posting on forums as they are too busy working on the game.

I tried starting a local team using craigslist to find people, but didn’t get a single reply. I am hoping to teach friends, but I’d rather not have a team with friends.

Why Craigslist anyway? Finding team members this way would assume that there are a number of people in your area with experience using 3D software and game design that also use the site, something that the majority of people in most areas do not work in. A number of people may have seen it, but they don’t have the required skills.

Yeah but I didn’t know where else to look. If I looked say on here, chances are nobody is in my city. Maybe within 75 miles yes. But local I’d prefer to meet up every two weeks and plan and organize.

Craigslist I knew wasn’t the best option, but it was free and I gave it a shot. Back in 2002 there was video game production company here called Kesmai, they were a sister programming company of EA Sports.

Well my team of two has never had any problems thus far. It’s almost been a year, and very slow progress… Nonetheless, there is still progress, and I still have a team. :slight_smile:
Maybe you haven’t been in the right teams.
Not all teams have drama, it just seems to be the ones you’ve been in.

By the way, I’m not trying to advertise my team, hahaha, I read it over and it just seemed like I was :stuck_out_tongue:

Fayt, a four teams and all ended to the drama, according to you. Well, that’s just a your version about it.

See, only you is a common factor here.

Go figure…

Don’t be such an ass Xjazz, you’re going to make yourself look stupid in front of everyone.

Be careful what you say though, to me that sounds pretty blunt and could be used as an argument against your case in the future.

So take mind of the tone of your words and your word usage.

hmm these are all good points…too bad I dont live nearby fayt, I would enjoy helping on any project, the problem for me is that noone is nearby either…craigslist? that sounds good!..actually not a bad idea?

I started my sackboy project a little over 2 months ago, and the main problem i see in people is that everyone wants to change something…
its gotten to the point where I said F-it Im not helping, do what you want with the story…
If an idea is good to begin with, dont change it…chances are your only going to hurt the story, or make it more difficult on yourself.
thats why I only want a little “help” on my game project. Its mainly going to be only me, and a learning experience as well…but if I can have some help on learning it, my end project might benefit :smiley:

so thanks for saying these things, because I understand there is a lot of drama on things, and it does get annoying…at least if you lived nearby, there would be better control if you were the “overseer”

I think that’s part of the reason for being paid to work. The money is a way to enforce the concept … just do it. Someone else thought about it, now it just needs to get done. You look at the pro. concept artist’s work, then you look at the pro. modeller’s work; what is the first thing you think. “Wow it looks JUST like the concept art.” The quality of the modeller’s work is in replication and functionality. Having clearly defined boundaries on the scope of work, keeps you from stepping on toes. At times things can get blurred but its the team lead’s job to create an environment which promotes high productivity.

Reason’s for being fired. You can’t work well with other (i.e. you hinder productivity)
You fail to do your job (you hinder productivity)
There’s no place for you (they don’t need your … productivity (lol))

Be very careful of what you say. You’re kind of proving Xjazz’s point, as rude as it was, it’s kind of true. I actually still don’t understand the kind of drama you can get into in a game development team. 0.o

How ironic that this thread is full of drama.