No 'My Posts' button?

Just a quick mention, (and I may have missed it!).

Does this site have a button, so that I can quickly check those posts that I have replied to.
It is extremely difficult to keep track of replies from other Blender members and make sure that I answer them. I am using a community library computer, that I am allowed to access for 2 hours a day, so time spent trying to navigate the site is a major inroad to my online time limit.

Clicking new posts does not show any new entries into someone elses thread, (obviously).

Love the site though.


Have you looked at the thread just below this one ?
I know you also said search wasn’t working but come on !


Thank you Richard, for your quick response.

I did say I may have missed it, because I quite often suffer from disorientation, (get confused, it must be old age creeping in, lol).

What I should have said was typing my name in the search engine to locate a post I had answered to, did not work.

I am using a community computer and cannot access the site everyday to check the posts, so there can often be a large build up that takes a long time to check through, trying to locate the thread I have responded to, (especially if I cannot remember a key word in the thread).

I was just thinking that a button linked to a users personal travel through the site would ‘cut to the chase’.

I apologise as I was clearly NOT attempting the accuse the site of anything, and I am not the most adept at navigating web sites anyway.

I do appreciate you help and gain much enjoyment from blenderartists.

My best regard to you for the future.

Thanks again.


Hi Richard.

Just to give you an update.

I’m not as confused as I thought!

I left the site, came off the machine for 10+ minutes, relogged on and clicked on ‘New posts’.

One thread I had responded to had a green arrow next to it.

Our thread, this one was nowhere to be seen.

New posts 14 out of 14. This thread not mentioned in the list at all.

Is this because the site takes a while to update, or is it a problem?



I guess it`s because there was no new posts in this thread, but as you had responded to the other one that was considered a new post and was shown. I know what you mean though. With most forums the thread just drops down the list if there are no replies.

Just an update to anyone new to the site.

I found a button to find ALL my posts by clicking my user name in “welcome cig” at the top of the screen.

There is a button, but it’s hidden away.

Little while ago read the posting. amazing job! Good ol boys moving