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I’m not a professionally like you fellow artist, but just want wo show my work recently with Blender 2.77
Everything modelled in Blender, Rendered with Blender Internal


Very nice. My only critique is her arm is twisted too far out. Doesn’t look physically possible.

Thanks, its a possible pose, if what you mean the twisted cloth in forearm, well i still can’t figure it out yet

Solid face modeling & a very convincing skin shader except for the inside of the nostrils, which look painted and too dark and with too sharp a transition in color at the visible edges. The hair needs thinner strands I think, and the eyebrows, which seem only a part of the texture mapping, seem to show some JPEG artifacts. Particle hair might be a better choice in this case.

The eyes are very attractive, her best feature.

@Chipmasque Thanks for the input, Would like to use particle someday, but the result is pretty weird in blender internal render, so this time is poly hair for the win

Thanks, really loved the constructive critics, best regard

Wow, an excellent result from the BI renderer! Particle hair in either rendering choice is not an easy proposition, I agree, but once its quirks are learned it becomes less troublesome. I’m impressed the head hair is mesh, I thought it particle, good job.

@chipmasque agredd, totally hard to control, especially the specular, always looking wrong in oher angle, idk why in cycles is just simple click and everything is perfect

actually if i can choose, i’d go with particle

i’ve recently seeing your portofolio, you use 2.49b, how did you manage to handle the particle hair

My lighting setup
Simple 3 point lighting setup

Im using spotlight with buffer shadow

Thereby hangs a long, long tale! Suffice to say, since particle hair was brand-new at the time, there were some struggles. Best way to give a full answer, though, is in my Kata WIP thread, where I bored everyone’s heads off complaining about this, that & the other (not really, I got a ton of excellent help doing Kata). This post has a breakdown of my hair techniques at the time.

Since around 2.6, though, hair has gotten to be much more problematic. Collision doesn’t really work well enough yet for production, and adapting the cloth sim for Hair Dynamics wasn’t all that great a decision, I preferred the results I got with the Soft-Body sim back in the day.

But, all that said, we work with what we have, and I’ve done enough work with hair now to feel I have it well in hand. Except for collision, that is. We really need absolutely reliable, robust and versatile hair collision.

@chipmasque No bored, it was pretty useful
enough said, im checking it asap, i’m more interested the old feature rather than new feature, since Blender is like a 2 diferent tool embedded into 1, like there’s an old feature and new, that is not really working well together