No need to remove doubles in 2.45 RC1

well not really , but if you are in edit mode and you extrude , move the extruded vertex somewhere LMB click to leave the vertex where you want , and then
press CTR+Z , before you used to undo the movement but you still had the extruded vertex there , and selected , now after undoing , the extruded vertex arent there no more.

why ?

I guess it is a new feature. Actually quite useful for me. :wink:

Guess they figure that people consider extrude and move as one action so it should undo as one action.

You can still hit esc after E, which will leave you with the unmoved but extruded bits. RMB might do that too.

I just wish that if you hit “e s” it would cancel the always-meaningless extrude-axis lock, or that it ignored that lock for the purposes of scaling. In medain pivot anyway.