No new Blender for Win 2000?

Will Blender no longer support Win 2000? I didn’t see this OS listed in the Win 32 bit section of the download page for 2.53 Beta. Was it an oversight by the person that updated the page? Do I just need to wait patiently for a developer to make it available? Or must I remain with 2.49 until I eventually get a computer with 64 bit processor and OS (which might take years)?

I’ve got Ubuntu on a different driver, by my ISP doesn’t provide for Linux OS. So, I cannot download anything when I’m logged into Ubuntu.

I read somewhere that something got broke on Win2k, but I can’t for the life of me remember what or where. Win 2K is 10 years old already, you shouldn’t be using it just for security reasons, let alone the fact that it won’t support loads of stuff.

If you have an older machine, check out Puppy Dog Linux or Damn Small Linux, which will make you feel like you are computing in the 21st Century again.

There are lots of 32-bit operating systems, even Windows XP 32-bit will run better than Windows 2000.

There are many ways of getting an OS, if the money isn’t there. Just saying…

You could simply try to install that win32 version even if win2k is not listed there. Try and see, takes 3 minutes on DSL 20 minutes on 56k : all in all a pretty short experiment.

PS: the only reason it wouldn’t work is for broken OpenGL drivers I think, for all the rest win2k ~= winXp

What can you actually do on a machine that old. Its already a pain try to work with Blender 2.49 on a machine with about a 1GB of ram. Now a machine that runs windows 2000, how much ram do you have 128K,256K.

Try and pick up a new machine even something second hand will be better. I assume right now that trying to upgrade your machine would be impossible. Microsoft would have stopped updating it and newer hardware drivers will be impossible to get.

I think 128K and 256K were back in the early DOS days, it’ll probably have 128MB to 256MB, certainly not good by today’s standards, but for some it’s not easy purchasing new machines, after all they can be very expensive.

I’d suggest what Dani mentioned, download Blender and try it out, if it doesn’t work look into getting a copy of Windows XP, or if it’s possible to get a new machine then save up some cash and buy a moderately priced machine, it doesn’t have to be a powerhouse, even a single core 2GHz+ CPU will run Blender just fine, albeit a little slow.

Why do you think Win 2000 would have so little ram. Some big businesses still use Win 2000, not neccessarily on very old machines, even though it has just ended its lifecycle (recommend upgrading because of this). It can handle up to 4GB if you add more, like every other 32bit Win OS

It can handle more, but if he is running a machine that came with windows 2000 then it’ll be quite old, and more than likely it won’t have very much RAM.

EDIT: To the original poster, what are your computers specifications?

Microsoft doesn’t support it anymore, why should a bunch of open-source devs do it? anyway, source code is out there, good luck compiling and getting needed dependencies such as C++ redistributable libs, which I guess Microsoft doesn’t support for W2000 either…

BTW, why do you need to download Blender from Ubuntu? Can’t you just go to the download page from your ancient Windows, download the Linux build and get that into a thumbdrive, CD or something than install it in your Ubuntu?

and your ISP only needs to provide you an IP, nothing more.

good spotting Daniel I meant to say MB instead of KB:o. As to why I would assume a machine running Win2000 would have so little Ram because 95% of people who ‘buy’ Microsoft’s OS do so on a pc where it comes pre-installed.

That works for a landline, but some of those usb cell phone modems require the ISP’s software be running on your computer in order to connect to their network. I had to reinstall XP on my laptop for just that reason.

Plus the ISP tech guys around here wont touch a *nix computer. The last time I had a network problem they required me to get a Windows computer in order to prove that it was their network and not my computer that was broken. Took 2 visits and about a week total for them to finally fix the problem when it should have taken about 15 minutes.