No new Blenderman:(

I have been reading everything I could find here at elysiun about .rib exporters.(there is not much) My old favorite, Blenderman, appears to be dead. The Aqsis/blender builds based on Tuhopuu2 is not stable enough for me. When I can get aqsis-blender to generate a rib, my render (BMRT2.6) will not eat the rib without vomiting. Bad rib generation. But most of the time blender crashes without generating a .rib file.

I had very little trouble with any of the old Blenderman scripts. The last being

and I dont remember where I got it, maybe from Goran

blenderman was great for scene setup. Just needed to export geometry, and lights and camera position. It appears that with most projects geared towards external renders, (aqsis, yafray), there is a desire to have some sort of coralation with Blender materials and the external renders output. I think that when it comes to renderman renders, a lot of folks missed the boat here, why, when given the power of the renderman shaders would you want to render with the built in blender shaders, if you were going to do that just use the internal renderer.

I know, I could just go back to Python 22 and use blender232 or something. But I dont want to. May be its time I learned Python. Maybe it would not be difficult to update the most recent version of blenderman to use the new python API.

I guess Blenderman was only designed to work with Aqsis, Pixie and 3delight. Why are you actually using BMRT? I thought it was dead. :expressionless:
The Aqsis-Blender build always crashes when the paths aren’t set up properly. That might have caused your problems. (Just from memory: you have to set up the render directory, place for the RIB file, and source for shaders.)
I totally agree with the focus on materials. Most external renderers give you a whole lot of power that can’t be just stuffed into a plug-in.

Hello Egg, I dl’d BMRT 2.6 right before the exluna site went offline. I prefer BMRT because it has features that Pixie, Aqsis, 3delight do not have, even though there has been no development on it in several years. It was not a work in progress, beta, or other semi fuctional renderman COMPLIANT render. Even the Pixar guys used it for their raytracing needs back before PRMAN had built in raytrace.

As far as setting the paths correctly I had figured that part out, it still crashes Blender sometimes, but outputs a rib other times. The rib output though will not work with BMRT, I know BMRT is not one of the options to use as a renderer. The rib output should not be so far out of compliance than I cannot get a render from a very simple setup. Like a box and a light and camera, no fancy shaders.

Really? BMRT doesn’t want to eat an Aqsis-Tuhopuu RIB of cube-lamp-camera, but it does accept Blenderman RIBs? As far as I know they generate very similar output.
If Blenderman works okay for you, and you only want to export geometry, there isn’t much of a problem, right? You’re talking about Blenderman in the past tense, like you can never hang out with your friend again, because he’s dead and buried :wink: Ofcourse unless you want more… (subdivision creases)

You wouldn’t happen to know where a download of BMRT can be found, would you? :slight_smile:

Ok, I downloaded pixie and gave that a whirl. I would still prefer to use BMRT. Will play with both and see what I like the best. I am still messing with tuhopuu though. BMRT isnt happy with the rib output though.

I looked around and found a link someone posted over at cgTalk for a BMRT location. Have fun.

you will find a win32 and linux binary there, have fun

Thanks! Good luck with Pixie!

Check out this thread for the latest BlenderMan version (works under Blender 2.33 and 2.34 and has integrated Pixie support).