No news for today on blendernation ?

have u noticed that blendernation doesn’t release a news today?
Is everything allright? My daily reading…
Keep good work bart, eugene and the others…:wink:

Oops, we certainly can’t have that! :slight_smile:

The article on ‘Blender Consulting Services’ was published slightly preliminary tonight, and this threw off our schedule a bit I guess.

But don’t worry - we have more where that came from! I just published a new post.

Have fun,

[email protected]

Oh and: we’re flattered you noticed! :slight_smile:

And, now, one soooo GREAT news has just been released, or I read it now :slight_smile:

LOL!!! poor [email protected]… This should keep you on your toes big guy!

“With great power, comes great responsibility…”
-grandpa (spiderman 1)

now get back to work [email protected]!!!


I read Blendernation every morning with my coffee :slight_smile:

And somedays, maybe , just maybe, there really isn’t anything new…