No object on main screen before rendering

I’m a newbie with blender. I used the earlier blender version and everything was working well. Few days ago I installed version 2.6 and found that everytime I launch blender my main screen is empty and no object is there. I tried to delete the .blender folder and using the default settings also updated to v2.68a but the problem still remains.

I can render using OpenGL & without OpenGL but I don’t see anything on my main sceen.

I’m using Kali Linux x64 & AMD Radeon HD 7770

on the top menu bar where it says “Blender Render” choose “Cycles Render”, im getting the same issue no answer for it yet.

Press alt h to make sure they aren’t just hidden. I would create a default scene and press ctrl U to set that as default and see if that fixes it. Also try pressing the forward slash key to make sure you aren’t in local view. There are lots of ways this can happen, but I’ve never had this issue where it doesn’t show up at start up. Can you see the objects you add? You know now that I think about it. I think this happened to me once but only briefly. Might as well just use Cycles if it persists. I think blender render is done as far as being updated anyway. everything is moving over to cycles unless I’m mistaken.