No object or images found to bake


iam trying to make my first workshop-item for DOTA2.
This is just for testing purposes and getting into it.

So coming to UV-Mapping iam trying to make a TGA of my UVLayout. In the beginning it worked (thats how i got my first mappings) but now it gives me the error in the title when i try to bake my ambient occlusion texture. (Also i couldnt bake “normals” since start, i dont know why)
Iam very new to Blender and probably made just an easy mistake but after 2 hours of YT-Tutorials i still cannot figure it out.

Thanks for your help!

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yes i think this is a bug… had it many times…

things to try…

remove any useless uvmaps you have ( you know you can have more than one right ? )
delete the image you created to bake and add a new one… or delete… close blender and then add a new one…
do all of the above , then create a full copy of the scene, close reopen and try again…

good luck!