no one can solve this

I asked this on the game engine since i am using the game engine but no one can solve it so i am asking here hoping a new set of eyes can fix this pain in the @##%#& for me
Notice a few things when pressing the space bar the object will come out solid and other times see-through When solid you can’t see the fin facing the viewer like you are supposed to When pressing the space bar press at different speeds (seems to make a difference)
On my computer i see solid solid, trans, trans, trans, solid etc this has been a problem since i tried using alpha the textures seem set up correctly I know it is see-through on other computers because people on the forum have tried this. remember start the game engine ( P ) then press the space to add the object several of the objects will look good other trans



texturetest.blend (185 KB)

Correct, it is unsolvable.

I think you get a cookie!

it might be a bug Is there a link where i can report a bug? Who knows they might be able to fix this. or someone else reading this might fix it


There’s a Report a Bug link in the Help menu inside blender

I reported the problem (maybe a bug) It occurred to me that maybe i am preparing my texture wrong
Here’s how i prepare my tex In this fish pic first i add a transparency layer around the entire fish 100% opacity, then areas like the fins that will be semi-transparent i lower the opacity to about 50% or so save it as a png file and that is it. Am i preparing it correctly?