No one visits my site anymore...

No one ever visits my website, anymore. Why? I haven’t posted new news in a while, maybe that’s why.

Oh yeah, and I made a forum for my site at, but how do I get people to join?


If deosn’t work, try

i visited :slight_smile:

i visit your site. finish up legacy of taro NOW! :smiley:

Well, no one ever goes to my site and I don’t complain :stuck_out_tongue:
there really isn’t much to see there, actually

Don’t get discouraged. Keep up the good work!

Yeah, I want to work on LOT…(Well, kinda :stuck_out_tongue: )But I have so much other stuff to do at the moment.

look, its blender THEN everything else. i wish…

Ok well I just went to your site and well… All I get is some text and a screen full of non loading images… maybe because they’re png’s??? I’m on IE and normally don’t have this problem.

works fine for me…how did yyou get a phpbb forum…is it just opensource?


ya…what? opensource or pre compiled, or both?

lemmy, really, no offense, but why would anyone want to go to your page regularly? :-?

don’t complain man. When you finish that taro game you’ll be getting so many visitors all hankering for it at the same time, you’r server’ll give you the boot!

Yeah…That’s a nice thought… :smiley: … :-?

did you submit it into search engines?