No parameter when adding a mesh

Hi everybody,

I’m new in blender 2.62 (but I worked for years with Blender 1.X) and I experiment strange behaviors, though I might be not doing well. So here it is :
I never get the pop-up window parameters when adding a mesh (i.e. uvsphere). This might be a general setting because I don’t get the pop-up window for the codec when I render the anim in avicodec neither (the problem is the same on windows and osx).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Thierry BAUSER
Blender 2.62
cooking on HP HDX 16/Vista 64bits and MacPro 8-core/Lion.

Parameters for a new added mesh usually are on so called t panel and are available up to the moment you touch that object in 3d view. Also, when you hit F6 immediately after add object, black popup with parameters appears.
Codecs and such are set in render tab, lower part.

Thank you very much. It’s so simple but so different from 1.X versions.