no picture in textured draw mode mode

ok here we go:

  1. I have a plane in line with da camera
  2. i have added a materials and texture to the plane
  3. in the texture i chose “image” and added an image
  4. when i select textured as the draw mode it should show the picture on the plane in the 3d window shouldn’t it???

i’m trying to use the plane’s image as an outline for what i’m making in 3d, maybe i’m an idiot and this way isn’t the way to do this, and if not can some1 pls tell me how.


PS: ( the idiot part is completely my own comment and is in no way related to my mental abilities)

You can sort of get an image by subdividing the plane; the more you subdivide it the more distinct the pic, to a point. But the only way to get a real pic (on a plane) is to UV map it.


thnx, i still haven’t quite understood how the UV mapping works but hopefully i’ll figure it out.