no politics, eh?

Look at the ad. BJP freaks…putting their ads everywhere. I hate election season, especially in a country where I can’t vote but yet live in. Dumb Hindutvas…it’s a SECULAR nation for God (erm, whoever-you-believe-in)'s sake!


And then BA was a politician.

I don’t know if Blenderartists have things set up where certain types of ads. aren’t allowed, it would be nice if they could ban ads.

Seriously—and if you wonder why they make me so mad, you should do some research. I’m not going to tell you, because for the people who don’t pay, politics isn’t allowed. Politics…


It must be an ad targeted for your area, because the ad I got in this thread just now is an ad about putting an ad online.

According to Technovelgy we may soon have ads targeted to the individual person (similar to minority report)

I just get adds about 3D applications…

Blenderartists has ads?


maybe a malware on your computer, I had one of those a couple month ago :frowning:

Errg… here in the US there were some political, and from my point of view, offensive ads. I now have all of them blocked with Adblock.

I get add here too . … but not the political ones.

But shouldn’t they have control on what ads they show. I mean can’t they pick the people who pay them?

I’m with you man, am seeing political ads as well here, like one that says: “Do you think you should have a voice in the Europian Constitution?”.

Well, I’m Dutch, what can I say about such statements, we don’t seem to have much of a voice here…

Away with the political ads!

I’m not sure, but I think BA is payed by an advertisement company, which in turn is payed by individual advertisers. Thus they would have no control. Besides political ads, there were those IMVU ads (uck), some kind of Japanese cartoon dragon thing. Eventually, I found the solution: block all the ads with Ad-Block!

I don’t, I support the websites I visit.

I am assuming we are using google ads, in which case all ads on BA are targeted to individuals and not just the website.

For example all adverts that I personally see, may be seen by others, but have been shown to me based on my other search behaviour on Google.

If you are seeing government and political adverts, then it means the advertisers for some reason have ticked the boxes that relate to YOUR unique search profile.

For some reason I doubt that…

i can’t understand why a website won’t have control over its content!!!
i mean the mods talk as if they can’t do anything about it…

And thats not all thats wrong in the ads, you know wich of them i mean.

Producing content isn’t support?

You only support the websites by actually clicking on the ads. So do you go and click every ad you see?