no proportionnal editing for THIS mesh ?!?

help needed -
proportionnal editing (O key) doesn’t work on one mesh in my .blend file

it is topographic data - imported via DXF then “quadified” with J key, subsurfaced level 2 and finally re transformed with alt-C. When i select a vertex or a few vertices, with proportionnal editing turned on (either smooth or hard falloff), only the selected parts are moving. The circle indicating the amount of “proportionnal power” is still there, and still controlled by the mouse wheel, but surrounding vertices simply don’t move.

if i add more objects, everything goes fine with them…

I’ve tested my file with a few older blender, from 2.26 to 2.34 - the problem is still there. I tried to import the object into a “clean” file - no changes :problem is linked to the object, or to the mesh

so… :frowning:
what am i missing ?

you can have a look at the file here :

(topo surface is on layer 3)

Keep scrolling out. It is working, but the circle reference is deceiving (maybe a bug?)

So just keep making the circle bigger (it will go much bigger than the screen view) while you have a vertice in grab mode. Then you will be able to see when it starts effecting the surrounding vertices.

Do Ctrl-A.


many thanks - brave people at elysiun saved me again

Ctrl A …
it is obvious -once you know it