No Python Console update

When I get an error from running a script, it says to check the Console, But the Console never show anything but the first startup info. Do I need to set some thing to get feedback?


In fact the error does not refer to the console window inside Blender, but to the OS console who actually launched Blender. I don’t know what OS you are using, but if you launched Blender using a shortcut, with no console opened, that’s not the right way to be able to see logs.

So you need to :

  • Launch a console on your OS
  • Launch Blender from the console, using the binary path


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If you’re on windows you can toggle this console with the Window->toggle system console menu item

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Thanks ever so much, Tricotou and LazyDodo

Still confused on “Console”

I launched Blender from the dos cmd then ran a python script that made an error.
But all 4 places it says “look in the console” What am I doing wrong?

See attachment, thanks

As LazyDodo has pointed out, that is the console error.

Don’t get so hung up on the ‘look in console’ line – It is telling you there is an error, and that is where you will find the details about it.

If you are starting to learn coding, you need to learn how to read the console.

It’s all right there – It is telling you there is an error on line 2 – ‘bmesh’ has not been defined – And, from looking at your code, the obvious thing that pops up is that you have not imported the bmesh module to work from.

So, under ‘import bpy’ – add ‘import bmesh’ – I am sure you will start to get other errors showing what you are missing to get your code working, but that is the start.

Good luck…

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Thanks for the help and advice. Yes, much to learn. It’s the syntax"grammar" of coding is hard. but little steps.

thanks all for your patience and sharing your skill.

Why can’t the Blender console display the blender text editor output?