No raytracer needed!

(DreamMaster) #1

I am proud to present this animation…

It’s rendered 100% in Blender. There are some aliasing problems, but it’s not the point that I’m talking about.

Divx codec required and the size of the animation is about 1 MB.

(paradox) #2

Hmmm, I like the wood and the richness of the color of the wood, the glowing light at the bottom of the key, the shadows, the movement, and the reflections. Well done.

(blengine) #3

looks really cool… i dont think u could bash raytracers with it though =\ raytracing is so limitless… the only thing it CANT better on a picture is its rendering time…
i love the flare, a floor reflection would look cool…
nice movements and overall =D

(DreamMaster) #4

I know… raytracer is so unlimited, but I’m here to prove that Blender is powerful without raytracer and fast renderer without raytracer is possible. :smiley:

(S68) #5

Very nice.

I find the flare a bit too striong, and I agree with IGPB about some reflection on the wooden floor :slight_smile:


(stephen2002) #6

That flare is much too bright. You don’t need raytracing to get flares, this is well known. Even in bigger programs like Lightwave that have raytracing, bloom effects (which is what that flare is) are claculated after the image is rendered. The reflections look very “blender”, which there is nothing you can do.

Personally, I would rather offset more work onto my computer to generate the effects than have me do the work to fake the effects and then end up with a quick render.

(paradox) #7

well maybe the flare is a little bright but I have to disagree somewhat about it being too bright. I got the impression that it was from a magical or alien effect - after all the key does float. Who’s to say that an effect like that is too bright. It is an effect from the imagination. I think it adds to the mood which to me is more important than perfect reality.Just another opinion. I use a raytracer too and love it but sometimes the raytracing effect is too perfect , doing it the hard way allows you the leeway to create an effect that is more in line with what you imagine.

(Timonides) #8

A reflection on the floor is not that important… anyway the floor is made of wood so if it doesn’t reflect it’s still realistic…

I agree, that the flare is strong…

I think it’s an excellent animation…

That’s a really kick ass stuff… :wink:


(malefico) #9

I just loved it.

I would add some little sparks flying around the key to increase the magical effect.

Great work dreamsgate !


PS: Oh I forgot, it is too bright ! :wink:

(DreamMaster) #10

Uh… I am DreamMaster7. Maybe you need a pair of new glasses?

(Timonides) #11

Uh… I am DreamMaster7. Maybe you need a pair of new glasses?[/quote]

I don’t think malefico needs new glasses… You can easilly get someone confused… after all you and dreamsgate share something in common…

The same DREAM :wink:


(DreamMaster) #12

DREAM!?!? sighs I guess I’m not so unquie as I thought… :smiley:

(kerosene) #13


first of all: i like the animation very much!
but am i the only one who recognized a shadow clipping problem when the key flies vertically?

just wanted to mention it… heh

keep blending,
kero ( )

(Al_Capone) #14

I’m sure that Blender can do well without raytracers, but to do so would take some work because lighting, shadows, reflection isn’t something thats automatic and the limitation in blender textures makes it harder. For example, this image which is all done in blender including the texture will take a little more work, because this scene is fake by a half globe and a large plain, theres no real world setting like in bryce for sky cover, cloud high, sun position, reflection, haze etc, etc So in my opinion Blender can do just as well as any raytracers but the option needs to be built in, I would even like to see an option to code it like in virtualight 3d.

(malefico) #15

Uh… I am DreamMaster7. Maybe you need a pair of new glasses?

Sorry Dreamstar7, I lost my glasses a while ago :wink:

(DreamMaster) #16

HA HA HA, you REALLY need a new pair of glasses! :smiley: