no reaction on picking/selecting some geometries

i have the problem that blender not react on selecting faces, vertices, edges properly.

Is this a bug? It have to be a bug because its strange.

You’ve not given much to go on have you.

Does it not select anything, selects the wrong thing or something else ?

Also please take a few seconds to thing where would be the best to post your question. Support questions go in the support forum, not on general blender discussion.

Ok sry im new here.

No it doesnt select when i click. Nothing else is selected. This have to be a bug. Im looking for cleaning up the mesh.

Snapping the same. Sometimes it doesnt work proper.

How about some screenshots and/or a .blend file? Maybe you could tell us what version of Blender you’re using and something about your computer and its specs. This is still very little info to go on.

Version is the latest! v2.69.

How can i show the problem with screenshots?

We’re not interested in the problem, that is already known. We’re looking for the cause for it and seeing the .blend file is most effective way to do that. In case it’s a real bug, others need to repeat the problem and you would need to provide example file for the bug report anyway.

Why do people only ever answer half of the questions I ask? Do you think I type these things just because I like tapping my keyboard?

You’re being very vague and not helping anyone to help you.
Be specific.