No render output node in scene

Hi, I am experimenting with nodes in cycles render and I now want to render the image but I get an error saying no render output in scene. I’ve tried to look up how to do it on the internet and read something about grouping them together but am still lost. If anybody knows what to do please help.

Hi, it is very hard to say without the file.
Please upload it or a simple example.

Cheers, mib.

make sure you have those 2 nodes and the 2 passes on

heres a closer look at the node names

without the 2nd node

Thank you so much!!! I have one more question. What is the difference between the three node buttons on the bottom? At first when I tried to find the render layers I couldn’t find it because I was in the materials tab. Is it as simple as there being render nodes for materials, textures, and the scene?

Yes, first one are nodes for currently selected material, second one is for texture, third one for compositing, and if you select material there is actualy one more for envinroment material.

@LordOdin - Thanks! - Somehow I unknowingly managed to kill those two nodes, but all’s good now thanks to you :slight_smile: - much obliged!