No Render Results with CUDA

Hello every one!

I got a problem with Rendering With CUDA -

every time i want to render with CUDA i dont see the results or an output in the UV/Image editor.

When i render with normal CPU it works fine.

I already installed the Nvidia CUDA toolbox V5.0 but it didn`t help.

I don`t know how to fix it. Anyone know this Problem and how to fix it?

My Computer System:
Intel I7 4770K
Nvidia Geforce MSI GTX 780 Ti oc Gaming
12gb RAM
Windows 7
Blender 2.70

Hi, with toolbox you meant toolkit?
You don´t need it for Cycles Cuda rendering, only a actual driver.
GTX 780Ti is supported, can you render the default cube, can you render in the viewport?

Cheers, mib.

Oh yes i meant the toolkit.

I tried to render the default cube but nothing happens with CUDA - with normal CPU render it works fine

Strange, yon can test another Cuda engine Octane:
Testfiles on the same page (bottom).
Wich driver are you using.

Cheers, mib.

At the moment i use the Driver version 335.23 for GeForce