no renderman compliant renderer?

aren’t renderman compliant renderers meant to be the best ones in existance??

if so, how comes blender has not got one?

is yafray a match for renderman renderers?

Search for “Renderman” and “RIB” in the Python forum and you’ll find your answer(s).


aren’t renderman compliant renderers meant to be the best ones in existance??

Pixar’s (who owns the standard) PRMan – Photo Realistic Renderman – renderer is one of the best in the industry, and undisputed champion of Renderman complaint renderers.

But other renderers, which don’t use the Renderman standard, are also extremely good. Mental Ray, Brasil, Lightworks, are all high-end renderers, competitive with PRMan.

if so, how comes blender has not got one?
Blender has limited Renderman export support, via plugins. Google it and see.

is yafray a match for renderman renderers?
It seems you don’t really understand what “Renderman” is.

Renderman is an industry standard for scene and shader (sort of like materials) descriptions, which are used by Renderman compliant renderers to create images/animations.

The Renderman standard is based on the REYES rendering algorithm, which is an alternative to raytracing used by Yafray and the Blender internal renderer. The quality of various REYES renderers vary as much as the quality of various raytracing renderers do. There are crap raytracers and very good ones, and in the same way, some Renderman renderers are very good and some are … not so good.

The advantage of REYES is that it consumes relatively little memory, and is very fast. The disadvantage is that REYES does not have global illumination, or other advanced rendering features. Some REYES renderers include those features, others don’t. It all depends on the individual renderer.

Can Yafray compete against high-end ($1,500) REYES renderers like Pixar’s PRMan? No.

Can Yafray compete against relatively immature REYES renderers like Aqsis (which happens to be opensource)? For realism, yes. For speed, probably not.

what is raytracing all about then?
what does it mean??

oh, and thankyou all for replying, i don’t mean to ask silly questions but i have not had much luck searching for info, anyways



I’m sure someone will give a fairly good explanation here soon, but if you want to know more about it the take a look here:

It’s the render-engine section (freeware and open source) of my links portal and there are currenly 37 render-engines and raytracers listed. Most of these websites have very good introductions and explanations on Raytracing.

Not true, the Renderman standard is rendering process agnostic, as is proven in a number of implementations (BMRT, AIR for instance). Reyes is just one way of implementing the Renderman standard, as is raytracing, etc. It is often assumed that because Prman is based around the Reyes algorithm, Renderman also is, not true.



Thanks for the correction, PGregory. :slight_smile: