No reply permitted

Hi guys!I’m a forum newbie and i have a problem: I’m a registered user and I can create a thread, but i can’t reply to people who wrote to me.
For example today I’ve written a thread and a guy has replied. But when I fill the reply form and I send it, nothing appears.Why?Thanks in advance

I think it may be the anti-spam settings… If you’re below a certain number of posts I think some things are restricted

Are you posting a URL in the reply? New members are not allowed to, so that might be it.

Thanks.I’m trying to change everything in the Control Panel. I hope that the anti-spam doesn’t block my posts, because I’ve written only 2 threads!There’s a way to contact moderators?


ok.Fixed.It was the control panel Text editor settings. Maybe my OS doesn’t support WYSIWYG interface for forum.Thanks everyone