No rigid body joint limits in 2.54?

I finally decided to dig into the new Python api and was stunned.The results I’m getting after a weekend’s messing about are amazing. Operators rule. :smiley: I’m making good progress with my script, but have hit a small hitch…

There appears to be no way of setting rigid body joint limits in Blender 2.54.

This was possible in 2.49c, but appears to be unimplemented in 2.54.

A bit of digging lead me to the file in the ui directory. (This file defines the layout of the properties window when in object mode and have the constraints button pressed… I think…) On line 554 in the RIGID_BODY_JOINT definition it says:

#Missing: Limit arrays (not wrapped in RNA yet)
I take it this is refering to the limits that I was looking for.

Does anyone know if this is an oversight or maybe something not considered important enough at this stage of the development cycle? Basically… Does anyone know if there is a likelihood that this will be reimplemented in later releases?

Threw a patch up on the bug tracker that fixes this, we’ll see what happens…

Nice one, Uncle Entity. :slight_smile:

Hope it gets included in a release.

I’m gonna have to get my head into C and C++ at some point so I can help with stuff like this. But then again another language would just mean another load of ideas to sift through and compete for my time.