No rotation on object physics

This is probably a super-newb-too-silly-to-post-been-posted-100-times subject and here I am a total newbie learning through tutorials and forums and I’ve hit a spot I can’t find quick/easy information on.

I am using BGE to do a “tower collapse” sort of animation. They are all over Youtube and basically look like a huge Jenga tower collapsing.

I can do everything except make my actors “tumble”. The tower collapses very pretty but all my actors maintain the same orientation and rotation while they fall.

If I send a UV Sphere down an inclined plane rendered as “flat” you can see very clearly that the faceted ball doesn’t actually roll, it just sort of floats along its path. It floats very nicely as far as the falling motion but it won’t rotate or “tumble” based on collision with the ground or other actors…

I’ve seen mention of “applying rotation and scale” for some things that haven’t turned properly, but I am not exactly sure what that is/what that means, I just know how to do it, no idea what effect it really has on objects…



Change the collison bounds to the correct shape, or just use convex hull (more expensive)

Is using a Box collision bounds on a cube is not correct for this action? Or I need to correct the Box bounds to more accurately fit my cubes? I used Box bounds on cubes, Sphere for my UV sphere, and Cylinder for the rods. Here is my render!

Switch the physics type from “dynamic” to rigid body!

using a simple “box” collision bound worked with Rigid Body. I used dynamic because the name suggest it would be more… ummm… dynamic lol.

My cubes now tumble, not quite as they should, but they do tumble!

Now I just have to figure out why some of them take off a lot faster than others but they all have the same settings!