No sculpty mesh, no SL render

Why does my blender not have the option for creating a sculpy mesh and why does it not have the option to render an SL sclupty map?
I just downloaded it
Does anyone know?

sculpy mesh?
SL sclupty map?

Ok, I’m going to have to take a wild guess here, because I have no idea what either of these things are. So I’m guessing:

sculpy mesh = The ability to sculpt a 3d model
SL sclupty map = Generate a normal map from a high res mesh.

If both of those assumptions are correct, Blender can do both. Please explain in better detail exactly what it is you’re looking for, the reason you aren’t getting replies is that nobody knows what it is you’re talking about…

Yea google doesn’t give any results for SL sculpty map

F10>Bake tab for baking normal maps

Hi, here you go.
this toolkit allows you to import/export sculpties for Second Life®.
If you have problems with the script, please contact the original author, or check his site for updates.

The reason this script is not in Blender is that import/export scripts cannot cater to everyone’s specific needs & are maintained mostly by people who develop them for specific tasks.