no selection when inserting keyframes (2.59)

there are several things im having trouble finding out on the web.
one of them is the following:

in this file -
when pressing “i” to insert a keyframe, it chooses automatically what to insert, without the selection manu for rotation, scaling, ect.
i can open numerics panel, point the mouse to the rotation numerics, then press “i” for keyframing only rotation.
but i want to be able to press “i” and have the selection manu.
where do i cancel this?

any help would be appriciated

On your timeline panel you’ll see a window with little key icons… it is set to “Available” in your file. That is a keyset… to automatically set keyframes on (whatever) when you hit “I” (click there to see the other keysets). Select “Available” (or whatever keyset is activated there) by clicking on it, delete then enter so it is empty. Now no keysets are used and you should have your insert keyframe menu back.

Hope that confusing paragraph helps. Sorry no screenshot. You’ll find it. :slight_smile:

Edit: New wiki manual is blank on keysets I just noticed. Here’s a link for ya:

Things may have changed a bit… but that’s the coder’s blog. Lots of good info and history there about the animation tools. You’ll have to dig for the good stuff.

Edit 2:

thank you.
that paragraph wasnt so confusing. shortly you said the function is called a “keyset” and canceling it would be deleting and leaving blank in the name field.
i cant see where the key icons are my screen is too small to show them (even when minimizing butto manu). is there another way to delete the keyset?

Here’s a screenshot:

Click to enlarge picture