No separate passes possible, only whole image?

Hi all,

trying to keep up with development - not easy these days!

so, i’m fooling around with render nodes, but either I missed something or things are not ready.

I want to separate th AO pass from the rest - but I always get the complete image! I tried rendering other passes, such as Col, Diff, Spec or Shad- always the same story. I also tried two different, most recent builds.


As I write this, I re-read the changelog, which sais that only " Combined, Z, Vec and Nor works atm". I tried Nor, without success. I’m also not able to see the Z-Buffer, no matter what I try.

If someone could enlighten me, please?

I know this was just posted, but I second this. I kind of need to know how this works before next week, since this will help tremendiously with my Journey Begins entry.

i’m playing around with a recent CVS and i can’t get render passes to work either. the only thing that seems to work is AO and setting up render layers which only render items on specified layers. spec and ray definately do not work.

i wouldn’t worry - this is CVS after all. it most likely has to do with the fact render passes are a work in progress.

Connect an output socket from a render result to an input socket of a viewer node. Split the window and open an UV/Image Editor. Select the special image “Compositor” in the UV/Image Editor with the image select drop down box in the window header.

Render. To see Z you have to:

  1. Activate Z in the Render Layers Panel.
  2. Connect Z output socket in the render result node to Z input socket in the viewer node.
  3. If you have done steps 1 and 2 there appears a new button in the window header of the UV/Image Editor. “draws zbuffer values”. Activate that button.

You can see “Normal” if you connect the Normal output socket to the Image input socket and activate the Nor Button in the Render Layers panel.