No serious teams?

How come out of the tens of thousands of blender users on here. All these team projects are just for fun, and keep getting canceled? Once in a blue moon there is a serious one.

I’d like to see a new forum added for just serious teams, meaning like 8+ members, high quality work, either Blender, or converted to Orge/Unity/Panda engines.

But there is like 50 posts for a project, and one or two people might be interested and it drops.

Here is an idea. How about every 3 months we choose a genre, such as FPS this quarter, RPG next quarter, RTS the one after that. Then the whole community who wants to help out joins in. All the modelers submit models, all the scripters send scripts, all the music/sound send those in,
and we make a really great game.

How 'bout it?

  1. Professional games can still be made with just a couple of guys, so I wouldn’t put a member limit on that.
  2. I wouldn’t personally create a forum just to show off work done in other engines.
  3. That community project is an interesting idea - most people don’t join in on previous projects. It could be interesting if someone more stable and reliable in the community begins the project.
  1. Yeah they can, however it’d require a couple gurus who know what their doing. 3 or 4 intermedite people aren’t possible. But it also depends on what you define as good, graphics? gameplay? controls? animation?

  2. It’d still use blender for models and stuff, but to get multi threading you’d need a better engine.

  3. I agree, I only have barely a years experience with blender, it’d require someone who has many years experience and knows blender inside and out to take the lead.

There are many serious game projects being done in blender , you just need to look for them.

It’s like 1 in 50 tho.

Feel free to name few and community can get idea, what you are after.

That could take awhile to look at each one and list it. What I mean is high quality games that will be published to the market. Animations like Big Buck Bunny were super successful, because it was serious and had a great team, and they saw it all the way to the end.

But there is lots of projects that no one knows what they want to do, most projects are never released.

I really am only interested in games that will hit the retail market or even downloaded as freeware. Something that takes more than an hour to beat.

fayt, I would be surprised if the userbase for the Blender Game Engine is larger than 1000 people (more realistically under 500 semi active users). Within that small group of active members, I would guess that only 5% have the knowledge to produce a quality game with the bge (the meaning of quality is subjective.). The reason so few high quality projects are on these forums, is because most experienced developers delay announcing their projects, and when one of those projects fails, it is never seen on these forums (I can attest to this, as I have worked on more than of few).

The other thing you have to understand is that everyone on these forums is a hobbiest developer or artist. That means that they don’t get paid for the work they are doing (espectially in the game engine sections). Without some sort of income from their projects, they have a limited amount of time they can devote to working on these games.

Another limitation is the liscense the bge is under. If a game is part of a bge executable, it is forced to be open source (free and you must give anyone who asks your source code). There are easy ways to get around this, but your game becomes much less secure in the process.

I hope that explains the lack of serious projects on these forums for you.

Makes sense that there isn’t many BGE users with the skills. I do agree many are hobbiests. Just wish I was part of something big.

You’ll get there, just keep making things.

Yeah working on a cool little iPhone game. It’s a 3D shooter, coming along nicely.

Yes, there are many that fail, mostly though it’s because of the leader dropping out, not the other people.
Also, making a game is harder than most people think, so they start, see how long it is going to take, and give up.
Myself, I estimate about a year and a bit per game for a 5 man dev team from scratch.

The List of game making, and the percentage of time it takes:

  1. Concepts 1%
  2. Making models 4%
    (3) Texturing (done while modeling)
  3. Setting up a template 10%
  4. Putting the models into the template 1% (if you designed your template well)
  5. Making enemies 30%
  6. Making the first level 10%
  7. making other levels 44%
  8. Bug fixing (another 100% or so)

Most people get to ~3, and see how hard it is. Others get up to 7, and then give up making more levels.
There are a few games though, that although they are worked on, never get finished due to #8, take Krum for example. It has been going for years, and doesn’t show any signs of stopping or getting released properly (non beta)

Another factor with team projects is this:
You start it, and work by yourself for a month
A few people join, mostly beginners, to gain experience. Your game gets nowhere fast.
The beginners leave and start there own projects
You work by yourself for another month or so (most people get discouraged and quit here I think)
Then the good people with experience might just come by and help out.

Maybe that will explain something about the nature of game projects.

yea sdfgsdfg like all the new people who think they will build the best game ever then suddenly figure out how hard it is

It’s because everyone on the game engine forum is new to the blender game engine. Not many solo game developers post their games until they’re finished. So basically since these games come around like 3 times a year, we are stuck with beginners posting their fail games.

Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not, especially if it’s your first time, which is like at least 50% of the bge community.

Also there has been many ideas like yours where someone comes a long and says, lets make a huge game with the entire BGE community! And it never works out because there are so many things to handle, so many people and ideas, that’s it’s nearly impossible to start or actually progress… Not to mentioned that a lot of these “projects” are directed by beginners themselves.

If you want to create a game every season theres nothing stopping you setting up a website to manage that. The idea of managing it over BA is a bit silly though, you could use the BA to announce such projects.

Also, creating a subforum for serious games is not a good idea. You can rate game threads to let others have an indication of the quality inside the thread.

yea well you know what they say. You learn by your mistakes

I didn’t really want to announce just yet but i’ve some work in progress, ill start a thread when i have a product worth showing, this is a serious project and im putting a lot of time into it and have no intention of halting production.

my project entitled “Reality Shift”:

besides this people should check out Quantum Unleashed, ( a very nice looking FPS.

wow CTBM this looks really interesting. You did a nice job on texturing and shading. Although, what type of game is it going to be? RPG, FPS, TPS etc.?

I joined a serious team

FPS puzzle with some elements of RPG’s, based on upgrading equipment, character stats and weapons , you manipulate states of reality/dimensions to achieve your goals such as gravity, portals, energy of Magnetism and electricity and molecular structures of objects, its a very abstract concept but i’m trying to make it as original as possible.