No shadows

Hi Everyone
I’m having issues with shadows no appearing.
I have a room set up with a window with blinds set up on it angled so as it should cast shadows in the room
I have a sun lamp directed at the window. Objects in side the room cast shadows correctly as being lit from the light coming through the window but the window blinds them self are not casting any shadows on the surfaces or objects. The light enters as if they were not even there. Just wondering if anyone knows how to achieve the shadow effect or can point me towards a tutorial or explanation on how to achieve these types of shadows.


Unfortunately you didn’t even tell us which render engine you are using, so I’m not sure how we are supposed to help you with this. Please ALWAYS supply a simplified example .blend file with any support question.

My apologies First time I’ve posed a question like this. Am using cycles engine

This is a smaller low samples render and unfinished layout. My aim is to cast shadows on the table from the blinds.
the lamp is positioned so it should do this. Everything is set to cast shadows. The room itself is fully enclosed so that the only light is coming in through the window.

sun lamp size is too big.

Thanks Daedalus_MDW
I had it set at 0.1 will make it smaller and see how it goes.

Mind you, though, that the position of a sun lamp is completely irrelevant. Its rotation is all that matters.