No show Axis?

I am trying to get comfortable in using group, parenting, layers and scenes. Man with Blender you can create instances over instances over and all over! Here is the test setup I made this morning. I created one book mesh, one paper mesh, and table. I was little lazy so I created only one book cover texture. Ideally I should make a few to really mix things up.

But as you can see as I added all the instances, the axis on each instances really started to congest the view. How do I no show the axis?

In the object (F7) / Draw panel you can can deselect the axis in the Draw Extra settings

I located axis setting under F7, but is was not activated so for now I don’t know what it does. But I did find Empty Display Arrow size setting. So, all that needed was to set the arrow size way down so that it becomes too small to crowd the working view. Here is the model with few more objects added to it:

I did try placing all the books in different Scene from render Scene, hoping that will take each axis out. Those Scenes are simply linked. But that work around didn’t work.