No smoke visible in 3D window

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a new (quite decent) computer and now a very strange problem occurs: When I add a smoke simulation to my scene (actually I know how to do it, I’ve done it several times before), no smoke is emitted from my object. I can only see the particles, but no smoke.
It has nothing to do with the version, I tested it with 2.56 and 2.57. So I guess, my computer is the cause of the problem. But I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Any ideas? :wink:

I have the same problem! Please help us.

Do you mean the 3D view?
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think particles only show up when rendered…
I’m not sure though.

Yes, I meant the 3D view. I used to see the smoke in it, now I can still see the particles, but no smoke. And as the particles have a lifetime of just one frame, this is no use at all…

use the shortcuts to get a working setup:

in 3D-view-window with cube selected press:


and enter:

make smoke

the smoke-domain and a working setup for material is generated.

Press Alt-A to start the animation
and during the animation press again
Alt-A to stop at some point of smoking…
Then press F12 to create a render.

Tweak the settings in material and particle system for the smoking-cube …
(maybe read some of the tutorials… watch some …
and use the search function in the forum…)

Thanks for your answer, but this does not help. As I said, I know how to create a smoke simulation and I’ve already created some on my old computer, but it doesn’t work on my new one…

And I did use the search function, but as I don’t want to know how a smoke simulation is created (I know this already after watching several tutorials about it), but what I can do, if it doesn’t work nevertheless, it didn’t help me to find an appropriate thread for my problem. So I decided to start a new one.

But the problem is still there unfortunately…:frowning:

Is there a difference in the computers? Could it be a hardware problem?

Or maybe it’s your computer saying it doesn’t want to smoke! groan
(I apologize.)

@Skydiver Do you see smoke if you render the scene? I didn’t try…

Yes, the smoke is rendered as usual. But working with smoke without seeing it in the 3D view window is really annoying/hardly possible…:frowning:

On my other laptop it works fine…so I’m afraid it’s just an hardware problem. Damn. :frowning:

I recently switched over to 2.57 (I assume that’s what all the hip kids are using nowadays)
And I’m having a very similar problem…

tried updating graphic drivers?

and also, did you try what test-dr said? (spacebar -> Make Smoke) ?

I didn’t notice that before! I think smoke can not be visible in 3D type.