No sound after exporting

I exported my .blend file into a .exe but the audio doesn’t play (which isn’t the case when I try in the Blender Game).
I’ve tried with a .mp3, .wav and a .ogg but it didn’t change anything.
I’ve also tried to increase the volume but same problem.
I’ve tried to put the song file into the game folder but it didn’t help again.
The song file name has not any special characters so the problem probably doesn’t come from here.
Any ideas ?


I believe that the sound file system work off of paths. So the sounds must be in the same local directory. For instance you might put the sound file in the same folder as your .blend file, and so when you export the game you must put the sounds in the same folder as the .exe.

However I would suggest Packaging the sounds. Although I don’t recall how/where this is done in the latest versions of blender.

Ok, I will look the packaging. Thanks.

Did you put the sounds folder into the folder with the EXE?

Run blender as an administrator this worked for me

Even if that works, I strongly recommend to avoid that.

Administration rights are only needed for installation and system configuration.
Administration rights are not needed for normal usage.

Anyone running normal business with administration rights risks unwanted effects on the system (e.g. accidentally changing system parameters, let viruses to install malware).