No sound in Cycles Builds


all Cycles builds have gone mute for me today for no apparent reason. Opening the video sequence editor crashes Blender if there is sound data in there.
I neither can import any sound files into the video sequence editor anymore. (I tried to do it with a clean new scene, too.) I downloaded all kinda more recent builds for Mac OS and Windows 7. Sadly I can’t get it to work. It worked before.

Help would be greatly appreciated!


I see no answers here… I’ve checked several Cycles builds including my own built - really “Can not open file” is only message if i try to start with importing sound (ogg, mp3). If there is a video track before, Blender goes crashing with no particular error message in terminal.

Just use non Cycles build for video editing - simple as that.

Also, I was having crash problems in VSE with “normal” blender. Then I started going to the top of the screen to the “Choose Screen Layout” button, and then selecting VSE from there. With that layout, it works much better, as a lot of sound options I didn’t know about popped up when I had a clip selected. But VSE is still crashy. So, good luck. Hope that helps at all.