No sound in rendered video clip w/ background using chroma key

Hi. I used a .wmv file which has sound and imported it using a video clip node and rendered it with a node for chroma key.
The finished video has no sound. I am very new and do not understand why. I looked for a sound node, which seemed logical, but there is none. Do I have to separate the sound from the video clip and input it separately? Or does the embedded sound from the video work?

I am still very new to this and do not understand a lot, so please use small words and don’t assume I know how to do anything (which means if you say “Do this”, please explain how to do do that as well or refer me to a guide)

Thanks again folks.

What is your output format in the render settings ? Does it include an audio codec ? Note some sound/audio combinations may not work correctly.

I do not know how to check. Where do you find the render settings? I appreciate the help.