No SSS in Ray-traced Reflections


I’m not seeing any sub surface scattering in my reflection until the object enters the frame, and then the SSS reflections are all wrong. Blender 2.49a on Vista.

Anyone know how to fix this or a work around? This is very important to my project.

(see attached .blend)


Kevin Whitfield


sss_problem.blend (808 KB)

No ideas? Does this happen to other people? Is it a bug?


The release logs state that the current SSS implementation makes it look wrong in raytraced reflections if the object is not in the camera view, though nothing has been done about any of the limitations since that version of Blender (more than a few versions back), you could contact Brecht, he developed the implementation before becoming a full-time coder for the Blender Institute.

I know it’s a bit off topic - but have you tried this with Indigo Renderer or would it be too slow to render?