No Support for Opera

I know that most of Blenderartists users use Firefox or IE, with only a mere fraction using Opera. My complain is that does NOT load in Opera web browser.

What could be causing it?

Works ok for me (I posted this from Opera 9.02) on Win Xp.

I just loaded the main page and it also works fine.

(I use FireFox for B.A. though, for the “stylish” option.)


Sorry for the vagueness, I meant the forum doesn’t load.
and I use Opera 9.1

posted with Opera 9.20

What O.S. are you using?


Windows XP SP2

hehe, I’m about to download 9.20 as well

I was going to say that you’d need to download 9.2! I have 9.2 on an XP and a Vista machine and the site loads perfectly. I had the same issues with gmail when I had 9.1, couldnt load the site at all.