No Texture Face Copy button in Blender 2.53 Beta 1?

Hi, there. I downloaded the latest beta from the Blender Foundation’s website, but I can’t find the copy button for texture face settings ANYWHERE. I think Blendenzo said that it was in a Graphicall SVN build, but this was much earlier than Beta 1, so it should be in there now, right? EDIT: Is it somewhere that I’m missing? BTW, the rendering ‘engine’ dialog is set to Blender Game, not Blender Render; I can see the texture face settings fine.

If it’s the post I’m thinking about, then Blendenzo was stating the Tex face options were back, not necessarily the copy buttons. Unfortunately these aren’t yet available. I think a bit more work as to be done on the C end before Python can have access to the necessary information to bring back the copy buttons. =/

Yeah. I’m pretty sure that I’ve only ever said that the tex face buttons were back, not the copy buttons/menus.

BTW, I believe this is the post in question: