No Texture Stretching

Is it possible to make it so that when you stretch a plane, the texture is in a fixed position? So that the texture dosnt stretch with the plane, and it will just tile the texture?

Use object, global, or orco co-ordinates.


I can’t figure out, how to make a wood-materal. If i use global or object coordinates, the texture doesn’t rotate with the object. Orco looks great on cubes and spheres, but tall planks are distorted.

Any hints? Thanks in advance.

Yes, in the texture buttons (F6) select the “Repeat” button on the image tab and set the number of repetitions in X & Y directions just below the button. If your plane stretches for a considerable distance be sure and turn “MipMap” off or you’ll get distortions the distance.

Edit: This is for image textures which is what I assume you are using. Orco works fine.


Van Halen Man,

Have a look at the following for a little info on mapping input to an object. I don’t mean to assume anything, but besides clicking the object icon, you must also enter the name of the object. Not the object you are texturing, but the object that will be used for placement of a texture, usually an empty. If you use this method, it is best to also parent the empty to the object, so that any moving/scaling of the object will not effect the placement.

This usually a method used to place some sort of decal on an object as opposed to covering an entire object. I have used this method to place a dirt texture at the bottom of a wall. Also note that moving, scaling etc the empty will change the location or size of the decal on the object.

Best of Luck!