No textures in render/export

I have built a few models, textured them, UV mapped them, downloaded the plugins for OgreMesh and OgreScene, but I notice when I export/render my meshes, the textures do not show up. I have 3d modeling experience, but Blender has me stumped. Why aren’t my textures showing up? I don’t have a problem viewing them on the mesh itself. Only upon rendering or exporting.

I’m pretty sure I’m just skipping a step here or something. Can someone fill me in?

I now see the textures when I render, I forgot to have TexFace selected. My textures still do not show up in Ogre after exporting though. Instead they are a solid white… Any help?

Did you only unwrap or also add the textures to the material? Is the name of the texture correct in the .mtl file? Can you somehow check the path to the texture in Ogre? Just some thoughts. =) Good luck!