No textures in the model

I am having trouble with this model I downloaded from blendswap website.
When I download this model and try to render, it shows no textures.
I suppose its a version problem? Or there something I miss , because I am not familiar with rigging too much.
I tried to post right in the comment thread underneath the model topic but it seems dead.

I am using the newest blender 3.0

Thank you very much to help me with this…

It was set up for old Blender internal renders…

  1. Click on the Use Nodes bar ( greyed out )
  2. add an image texture node…
  3. Use the pulldown to add the packed texture file…

thanx heaps,
I was misled by the fact that even BI showed nothing at all when rendered…still donno why.
Cycles works fine as you suggest, but I am not sure about the unwrap, the rims do not show properly in my case.

Because it had no node tree assigned to material… no nodes…no texture…

Edge texture was the same here…you can just enter the UV editor select those edge parts and scale them till it looks right.
Happy Blending!