No textures in transferred blend file?

Hello -

I’m completely new to Blender and don’t yet understand some of the “housekeeping” functions of the program work.

I started a project that includes a basic mesh with .jpg’s UV wrapped (I guess) to the faces of the object. I later emailed the .blend file to myself to work on at home. When I open the .blend file the textures are no longer present. I tried switching modes (“solid” to “textured” etc.) and even ran a render. Everything was correct (lighting, camera contraints, and so forth) but the image textures I had UV wrapped to the mesh are no longer appearing. They are still there in the original file on the PC on which the project was created.

How does blender manage “assets”/resources such as these? Do I have to email the .jpg’s as well?

Thanks for any help!

You must do File Menu->External data->Pack into .blend file to transfer textures with a .blend. You can unpack the textures from the same menu.
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Easy enough - thank you very much!