No textures when rendering

Hi I’m rendering a vrml file which I have opened with blender to a .avi file but it doesn’t keep the textures. I’ve entered the UV window and it is correct, and I also see the textures when probing my animation. What I’ doing wrong?

Many thanks.

in the material buttons hit the texface button

Many thanks. I finally found it. I had to make an animation for an exposition that my project tutor had to do this mornig so I hadn’t had time to read enough.

2 more questions:

1.- I have to modelate the mouth but as my mesh is a scanned human face, it has no separation between the lips. I need to “cut” the mesh in that zone but without deforming it. Also, I will need to cut it in the eye’s zone. I have made it with some subdivisions and erasing small faces but the result is not quite good. Any suggestions?

2.- I’m using bones to simulate muscle movements. When I’m in pose mode, It lets me rotate and grab them but when I try to resize them the bones keep their original size. I need to resize them in order to simulate muscle actions rightly. What’s the problem?

Thanks a lot.