No thread showing up

Hi there, i’ve posted a couple of questions to the texture and lighting forum, as i’m new it says all posts need to be checked by an administrator, but the threads never appear. they seem to be in the right forum so i’m at a loss.

any ideas?

new users posts need to be approved now, it’s a quite great amount of work!
If you still have posts “invisible”, post links here, please!

I am facing the same problem. I did manage to post a few questions in the past. However I have submitted a couple of questions recently that never made it to the forum. Can you read this? :slight_smile:

Same problem here, so this explains why my post from the weekend never appeared :slight_smile:

Good to know.

Dear moderators, whilst we understand the need for certain precautions to be taken, it is highly frustrating not to be able to post. I have been struggling with a problem I have been having for about a week now, and I am really really stuck. I tried to seek help on the forum, but twice my post has been blocked. After all, we are subscribed to this site, and logged in, so why are our posts not being allowed? How does one qualify to post questions? I used to be able to post questions in the past! I would strogly suggest this “banning” policy be reviewed, because it is causing lots of needless frustration.

I apologise for the tone of this post, but how would you feel if your posts were repeatedly rejected? It is claimed that the question would be on line after being reviewed by a moderator but mine has been in limbo for about a week. I tried to message one moderator, to ask why my posts are being ignored; I didn’t even get a reply to that question.
Abuse must be stopped, but this is an overkill!

Oto, I have been a member since June of last year.Ok, I am not a frequent poster, but neither am I technically “new” to the forum. And if we need to have a certain number of posts before our questions may be automatically accepted, how can we ever reach that quota if each post gets blocked for days??

I was going to ask this too since I posted a new thread to tutorials section five days ago but it still hasn’t appeared. The problem with it is that it has a wrong link in it and now I don’t know when I can, if ever, correct it.

It was the particle billboard tutorial, correct link is:

Hey Mods, I posted a thread in WIP and am waiting for my thread to be “approved.” I totally understand that this is just a good security measure for everyone on this forum.

UPDATE: Actually, I could not wait any longer so I just resent it in again and it worked… so cancel that request.

So what is the minimum post count anyway?

They will not say what the minimum post count is, to prevent the spambots from posting that much only to start an advertisement thread.

Good point.

How long does it normally take for posts to be approved? I would imagine that this work for the mods can pile on top of them fairly quickly.

Indeed, it tends to pile up, as OTO says above. It depends on how many moderators are around and, of those, how many are willing to go through the new posts.

i posted a wip…it appeared…no problem
i tried to post another… no error message or any other message, i’m returned to the forum with no new thread of mine… whats going on?

I am also waiting for the approval of a reply to a thread I started in the WIP Section…

I posted a question to the Animation forum over 24 hours ago but didn’t see it appear, so posted another one today before I saw this thread, but haven’t seen that one appear yet either. I don’t post very often, but boy am I stuck! Anyone got a rough idea how long it can take for a post to appear?

My guess is that the posts are lost… it’s been a while since I made my post and it hasn’t still appeared. Or has someone’s post appeared? Maybe they go straight to moderator’s junk mail box and they don’t see them or then they just don’t go through… or don’t get read by moderator for some other reason. ???

Maybe you’re right hhoffren. Now I’m not sure whether to try posting for a third time or whether that’ll just wind up moderators.

This is a really sad solution because this discourages new members and users to post threads, it builds up frustration when you already are frustrated about your 3D project not going as you wish it would. I’m writing because my thread has not appeared.

Wouldn’t it be better for all to have some dedicated members (or moderators) which scan through new threads and have the ability to move threads in proper categories and delete them instead of the current solution where a large amount of threads build up and which makes is harder to process in the first place because the partial build up is because users might post several times.

I’m sorry to say but its plain stupid. You can ban me for having an opinion. I just think it would be better for all that those idiots who spam and advertise or break other rules should be banned when caught instead of having the new members to suffer.

Could you just put one of those things where you have to type in the numbers for new users or you could just have to do it like every 10 or 20 posts. It would stop spam bots but not people posting spam but it would be better than checking new users posts

Nice one kkewley, I like that idea.

P.S. My thread has not been published yet. MODERATORS come on!!! What are you doing? I read somewhere this was supposed to be one of the better sites for the open source Blender… so far the impression sucks, the first impression that is. And don’t say its because of this solution. I’m a member of many good forums, this solution benefits no one!

Well when I joined back in may they didn’t do this and I never had that happen to me but this is the best site for Blender it is very helpful.