No tiling in cycles?

I’m sure that PEBKAC but is there no way to tile a image in cycles? Seems I have to UV wrap things but there is no way to tile a small image other than converting that image to a pattern in Gimp and create a huge image with the pattern tiled.

Am I missing something?

The scale value in a Mapping Node positioned between the Texture Coordinate and Image Texture nodes

There’s the image I’m trying to tile.

There’s one edge of the rendered (huge!) plane.

And this is my node setup… what am I (still) missing?

I think your scale is just too big. Here is a tiled plane with 5 tiles and your image.
Edit: packed texture (ignore the cyclestile.blend at the bottom)
cyclestile-packed.blend (576 KB)


cyclestile.blend (567 KB)

Your scaling is off the charts…2000? Try to first make sure you have applied scale to the object your applying the texture to. … object…apply… scale.

Then try and use a setting like 4 for the scaling… than increase in increments… like maybe 20 … than 100 ect… I’ve probably gone up to 100 at some point… but 2000 seems way to much. I would leave z at 1.0 … just adjust scale for X and Y

damn… you beat me to it Blenderallday :slight_smile:

Quick draw. :RocknRoll:

I know an easy answer when I see one!

thanks once again… just as I thought… a PEBKAC…

I’m slowly getting there…