No Time To Die---t

(First, I’m not sure that it’ proper that uploading the artwork including none-blender sourced image, that drawn with Krita, but at first I was intend to make still-life model image of some sandwiches only with texture mapping, so I decided to upload it here. I’ll delete or move it if it’s inappropriate with the category.)

‘Code name 019: No Time To Die—t’

Hi, it’s been a while since I uploaded first artwork post here in Blender Artists. I had focused on basic modeling before, so this time I tried to focus on practicing Texture mapping with UV and Shading with nodes. But it’s still hard to understand handling nodes, especially normal and bump/displacement. Guess I should find and watch tutorials and practice with it far more.

And the storytelling - While I was modeling the sandwiches I could heard about lot of news about the medical aid team who are fighting hard against Covid-19 situation. So I started to add some expressions around the sandwiches to make it as illustration of where they’re struggling.

Anyway, with their effort, current situation where I’m living is being much safer than before, but I know there’re still lots of people around world are suffered by the disease. Hope the people and you blender artists are be safe and healthy. Thank you!