No tool widgets when using hotkeys (G,R,S)?

Does anyone know why the tool widgets disappear when using hotkeys (G,R,S) ?

Or if there is a setting that allows you to use the tool widgets when calling them with the hotkeys?

The images below show using the rotate tool with the tool and with the hotkey.

You can rebind GRS to toggle gizmos from the hotkey editor if that’s what you’d like

Yes, the Industry Compatible keymap works this way

You probably want the transform gizmos and not the transform active tools (what you’re calling the tool widgets). It’s very confusing that both exist, but the widgets, which are hidden away in the gizmos dropdown in the viewport are generally the better choice because it doesn’t lock you out of the different selection and other active tools. My addon that’s linked above, makes it easier to switch between transform gizmo modes and also changes the way the select tool works so that if you like the way the transform active tools work, you can enable this active tool instead and still change the gizmos.

You inspired me to add this functionality to my addon. So after you assign the shortcut keys, when you press R, it goes immediately into rotate mode as the key currently does, but after you finish the rotation, the gizmo for rotate is still visible.

You’ll have to edit the keymap yourself. Find the G, R, S keymap items under 3D View section in preferences, and change transform.rotate to view3d.rotate_invoke. The others are listed below:

  • Move (G key) - view3d.move_invoke
  • Rotate (R key) - view3d.rotate_invoke
  • Scale (S key) - view3d.scale_invoke
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Thanks for your replies.

Yes, by ‘widgets’ I meant any kind of gizmo handle to use with the Transform, Rotate and Scale tools.

I thought my question might be resolved by setting custom hotkeys. But it helped clarifying that there are two different tools that do the same thing. (if not more?)

  1. the Transform Tools in the Tools panel
  2. the tools envoked by the hotkeys G,R and S (no gizmos)
  3. the gizmo options in the Viewport Gizmos options panel
  4. the Shift Spacebar Context menu

I like your add-on but think I prefer ‘Adding Shortcut’ to the translate, rotate and scale tools in the left hand tool panel. That way hitting G just brings up the translate gizmo on the active item.

Just watched your video on YouTube @dpdp about the plugin and appreciate you working through this confusion!

I posted this feedback in the Blender DevTalk forum (under 2.8 User Interface) with screenshots and a link to your YouTube video Daniel.

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Thanks, Rawz.