No TTF Fonts under Windows

I’m using Blender 2.42a and abinary version with POVRAY enabled…
If I use the Text-Mode I can’t get any of my TTf-Fonts in the Font Folder
in Windows XP.
There is the following failure message in The console window:
fromtype1: no Fontmatrix found.
So, what’s wrong with Blender.

That’s a paralel version for develop pov-ray integration.
Do the same happens with the Official Blender 2.42a?

If not, then post your question here:

The Official 2.42a works fine with Windows True Type fonts.

You have to be careful with the special builds that are available. They’re great but, a lot of times several aspects of Blender are often left out to save time when compiling the build. For example, the Game Engine may be left out.

I use both versions now. The official Blender 2.42a to generate texts with TTF-Fonts and version 2.42a with the POV-RAY Engine to render, that works fine.