no tutorial has helped, this is my last hope!

no tutorial so far has helped me make a stupid sphere move when i tell it to. Sure, i can make it fall forever or roll around because of sloped planes and the like, but i cant make it move when i tell it to!!!

i have done tutorials and stuff but it doesnt help me at all, when i do exactly what it says to do, nothing happens!

can someone who has experiance in this subject please, please show me and tell me exactly how they did it so as i will stop pestering this poor forume!

some things to check:

  • all logic bricks wired properly?
  • keyboard sensor set up properly? (pulse and stuff)
  • pressing the right key?
  • enough force in motion actuator to really override the friction?

here a quickie:

make the sphere an actor. dynamic. add a keyboard sensor. choose the key you wanna use. add an AND controller. wire sensor to controller. add a motion actuator. wire controller to actuator. set actuator force to 120 in a horizontal (x or y) direction. leave the default values for Damp, RotDamp. press p and and then the key you assigned to the keyboard sensor. this is supposed to work, as i just did it during i wrote this (ok, i had a cube instead of a sphere, but this shouldn’t make any difference)

hope that helps


Hey dude don’t worry about!

Blender could be very frustrating at the beggining.
You could start trying to use the " Walktrough demo " file (u can find it at

U can delete the whole scene and use just the viewer. Add a single plane over the viewer and see how it works…
then study how this viewer was made: click the game button :wink:

Or u could try Blenderman’s tut “playing whith the camera” at

I hope it helps. U could also download 2.25, because a lot of tuts was made for this interface.

Be strong!

Getting a sphere to move isn’t too difficult, for the movement though you do it in the third logic brick box and type something into the top row. Also for accurate collision adjust the bounding sphere so it fits snug around the outline of the sphere.

I looked at those tutes. I think they were written for a game blender before 2.23. They talk about something called a “sector” that confused the hell out of me until somone on irc said just ignore it.

Thankx for the comment Shaba! U are right, but the tuts remain usable

Thankx for the comment Shaba! U are right, but i think this tuts remains usable…

i stared at the logic blocks, “now stupid thing, i will make u move!”
but the question was how!
then, i understood, to link the blocks together u must drag a line!!!
it all makes sense now!

my finger huvored over the play button, pressing it the square fell to the table. Now is the moment of truth, my finger now huvoring over the uparrow as my heart rose into my throat, will it work? or will it be another bad job? even while i was asking these questions i already knew the answer, and with growing confidance i hit the uparrow and almost cried with joy as i saw my cube zoom out of site. now onto bigger things…

dammit, i said check the wiring ! :wink:

GO SOLMax woooooooo, glad you figured it out ;). i couldve help :D.

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well, a little update:
i made this game that your a cube with spikes on it and you drive around.
there is another cube and you can move it with different keys.
if you set it to a birds eye veiw to see both cubes 2 people can play and you can smash them around.
then i gave them guns and now u can shoot and ram, it is very amusing.

i want to be able to give the cubes health so that if say you get rammed or shot in the back it hurts you. i know somone has done this so can anyone give me any pointers?

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