No User Interface "/

hi, i wondered if anyone oculd help me with a problem i have when accessing blender from my college, its UI seems to be missing alot more than i have on my home computer and i have no idea how to fix it "/

  • this happens on every computer in college that ive tried
  • shortcuts can still be used (but since im a blenewb idk them)
  • i wont be able to do a clean reinstall "/
  • i have asked some computer science tutors and they dont know how to fix it (not having used blender themselves)
  • the two attachments show screenshots of belnder as soon as the main window opens and once the splash (?) screen has been closed

this isnt so much of a problem now, but after finishing a games design unit we’ll be moving into development, and having access to blender during free time would help greatly.


Try running blender as an Administrator

sadly i wont be able to =[ my account at college doesnt have admin privileges

Unfortunately this could be a driver issue as well, which you won’t be able to update without admin privileges.

that sucks then "/, i guess ill be limited to tutorials at college then =[ ohwell…

thank you both though =]

never mind, the silly web things are messing up…

Are you able to obtain a current version of Blender to use?

Okay, I will try this again. What you need to do is to download the .zip file (not the installer). Then extract that file to a USB stick. Then create a new folder called “config” under
blender-2.57b-windows32\2.57\config or whatever version you are using. Then put in a default startup.blend file into that folder. You can just run it right off of your USB stick, it really is not a problem. (Maybe this time this post will work).

not on the college account… however

thatll probably work =D (unless they block it - stop it from running… which hopefully isnt the case - ive seen people running minecraft and emulators)

ty =D

They can’t. I brought Blender to work one day and ran it off of the thumb drive I had. It is self contained and doesn’t install anything on the HD.